ー G-HORN ー   bessere Dinge 
ー G-HORN ー bessere Dinge 

Now is the time to put an end to the poaching of the endangered rhino and the sale of their horns. Doing this will prevent the rhino's extinction.
Rhino horn is primarily made into an ingredient for traditional medicine, but the efficacy of these medicines is a superstition.
However, a section of the wealthy classes in Vietnam and China pay huge amounts of money for these horns. It is for this reason that rhinos are being killed in huge numbers.

The poaching and sale of rhino horn is a sources of funding for international terrorist organizations.

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ー G-HORN ー B&W   

A portion of the proceeds from these works will be donated to South Africa's "Black Mamba" Unarmed Anti-Poaching Unit and "WWF"the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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ー G-HORN ー Allein 






作品等利益の一部は南アフリカ対密猟非武装部隊 " ブラックマンバ(Black Mambas)"の支援及び世界自然保護基金(WWF)に寄付されます。